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Terra Cotta Pots.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the rustic! I love an elegant table made approachable by a touch of arcadian simplicity, and terra cotta pots fit the bill in every way... the vintage-ier, the better.

A simple naked terra cotta pot looks great in your garden AND on your table. But if you like something a bit more decorative, there are also multitudes of creative things you can do with them! For creating beautiful pots to use at your event, gathering, or on your dinner table, check out these 10 techniques with full instructions from some talented bloggers and Pinterest mavens...

1. Chalk Paint and Wax.

2. Fabric and Mod Podge.

3. Decoupage and Pretty Napkins.

4. Paint and Rubber Bands.

5. Paint and Gold Leaf.

6. Simply Stenciled.

7. Rope Wrapped.

8. Dip Dyed.

9. Glittered and Foiled.

10. Transfers.

Don't limit yourself to using these beauties for plants! If you're working with brand new pots, feel free to fill them with foodstuffs. Try lining them with a small brown paper bag rolled at the top, or a clear plastic bag, and fill them with crunchy stuff, popcorn, candy, crackers, crostini, etc. I put a little piece of tape over the hole in the tiny ones and use them for setting out spices and seasonings on my tables, as illustrated in this beautiful DIY Rotating Centerpiece.

You can also use them for candles, Christmas bulbs, pine cones, sea shells, cut branches, etc... whatever enhances your decor.

Hope you have fun creating!


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  2. Photo from Art At The Table Today

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