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DIY Rotating Condiment Centerpiece.

We created this centerpiece for a charcuterie table for about 40 people. The guests were fascinated with this condiment centerpiece, and it was so-o-o easy to make.

Here are the how to's...


What You'll Need:

1 15" Lazy Susan

7 IKEA Vardagen Jars

7 2" Flower Pots

1 8" Round Tall Glass Vase (for bread loafs)

1 Glue Gun with Glue Sticks (and a piece of foil to set the glue gun on while it's hot)

Duct Tape

Paper Towel

Plug in your glue gun. Set it on the foil square so it doesn't burn anything or make a mess.

Place tape over the hole in the bottom of the inside of each flower pot.

Use the photo above to lay out your flower pots, jars, and vase on your lazy susan. Once you have the pots, jars and vase laid out the way you like, glue down the flower pots. Use a good amount of glue on the bottom. I did NOT glue the jars or the vase down on the lazy susan. I only glued the flower pots down and they acted as the border that "locked in" the jars and vase, and held them in place. If your vase is not the exact size you need to lock it in, glue that down as well, making sure your jars fit in between the vase and pots. Have a paper towel ready to clean up any oozing. Be careful not to get it on your fingers.

Fill the glass jars with fabulous make-ahead home-made condiments. Annie and I made Bacon Jam, Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, Cranberry Chutney, and Apricot Onion Relish, (recipes to come). We also bought good quality bakery bread, cornichon and other assorted pickles.

Fill the tiny pots with gourmet finishing salts and peppers, and any spices your guests might like.

Arrange artisan bread loaves in the glass vase, and then neatly label all jars and pots. Add teaspoons to the condiments and mini spoons, to the salt and spices.

This centerpiece, filled with an abundance of delicious condiments and spices, will transform your table and help create a memorable event!


In addition to this DIY Rotating Condiment Centerpiece, we also created a beautiful Charcuterie Table.

All photos by Kaitlyn Wilkins @ The Table.

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