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 I have always loved an esthetically beautiful table, not just because of what is seen, but because  creating a beautiful table and beautiful food is a labor of love, and a prelude to the fellowship  that follows. I'm not talking about whether the table is ornate or the food has the right umami. It  could be a picnic blanket on the ground, a simple rustic table in a field, or an elegant table at an  event. 

 Recently while my husband, Doc, and I were in Austin visiting our wonderful daughter Kaitlyn,  her partner Mitch, and their two boys Liam & Beckett, an interesting conversation ensued that  inspired the launch of "The Table."  This conversation began with the importance of the family  table, whether gathered for a meal, or just a spontaneous moment where you find yourself sitting  at the table with someone. We talked about the potential impact of what happens there on those  who have gathered, especially our children. The dialogue included the topics of the relevancy of  table manners for our times, honoring others, making impressions, imparting self-confidence,  and  preparing our children for life.


 The conversation stayed in my thoughts. I reflected back to my own childhood and the wonderful  and impactful things that were exchanged, taught, and experienced when my Mom and Dad  and 5 sisters came to the table. 

 I thought about my own children and all the snacks & homework, arts & crafts, and cooking  & talking that had occurred at our table over the years.

 I thought about the countless moments, activities, and conversations that happen as people  gather at table.

 I was inspired. "The Table." is the result.


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