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about  The Table Today.

I have always loved a beautiful table, not just because of what is seen, but because creating a beautiful table and beautiful food is a labor of love and a prelude to what follows. I'm not talking about whether the table is ornate or the food has the right umami. It could be a picnic blanket on the ground, a simple rustic table in a field, or an elegant table at an event. It is about valuing and enjoying others.


Recently while my husband Doc, and I were in Austin visiting our wonderful daughter Kaitlyn, her husband Mitch, and their two boys Liam & Beckett, an interesting conversation arose. It began with the importance of the family table. Whether gathered for a meal, or just a spontaneous moment where you find yourself sitting at the table with someone, the significance is often missed.


The dialogue included the topics of honoring others, imparting wisdom & self-confidence to our children, and the transformative power of interactions had. I reflected on my own childhood and the things that were enjoyed and experienced when my Mom, Dad, and five sisters came to the table. I recalled the fun I had with friends while meeting over a meal, and was inspired by the countless moments, activities, conversations, and general sharing of life that happens everywhere as people gather at the table. Consequently, I invited my daughters Nic & Danielle to join me, and "The Table Today." was born.



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