beauty At The Table Today.
This gallery is made up largely of images from my journey through the internet, although a few are of my design. I wish I could say that each one is part of my own experience! It is, alas, mostly a peek into the artistry of so many talented others that have inspired me, and hopefully will inspire you. I love all of these tables designed by a fellow kindred who creates a world of expectation and potential with every setting. I want to sit at them all and enjoy what comes next. I have, of course, included links, so be sure to check out their spaces too. Hope you enjoy the browse-through.             

Family & Friends 


Fellowship, community, relationships, celebration, a culture of honor. 

Just You & Me 


Peaceful moments with the one I love.

What could be better?

A Beautiful Moment Alone


Just taking a breather along the way.

Tea Time

Tea Party, Tea Time, Tea

A meeting of the joyful.

Just pure fun.