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Textural Neutrals - The Supporting Cast.

I often begin creating a table by covering it with a beautifully textured soft linen or cotton tablecloth in a neutral color. Here's why...

Three Reasons To Include Textural Neutrals

In Your Tablescape.

1. Neutrals make the table approachable. They can be "stacked" and layered to add dimension and soft color, as in a couple of different sized tablecloths laid one over the other, or the addition of neutral napkins. This adds warmth, making the table more inviting.

2. Neutrals add color without diminishing the other elements. Soft colors enhance and ground the table, without depreciating the beauty of the food, tableware and decorative accents.

3. Neutrals can be used in any setting. The wonderful textures of linens, cottons, burlap, etc. can be draped over a casual table in an outdoor setting, or work equally well as the base element of an elegant dinner table.


Top 3 Photos via Unsplash.

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