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Simply Add A Cloche.

Another "So Simple" suggestion to make your table(s) amazing... Simply add a cloche to a floral or art element, cheese tray, dessert, or whatever else you want to zhuzh up! What we, (my 12 year old grandson Aiden and I), love about a clear glass cloche...

It's easy. It's clear. It's glass. It's inviting. It's elegant. It's magical. It reflects. It enhances.

Enough said! Just add one!!

Via Bell Jar Botanicals. Via Mulberry Muse.

Via Santa Cruz Casanova. Via Marelle Taylor.

Via Event Supply Shop. Via The Knot.

Via Beau Coupe. Via Factory Direct Craft.

Via Williams Sonoma.

Now that you have some ideas, pick one up or try making your own.

I love this easy DIY tutorial from Salvaged Living.


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