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At Least One Vintage or Vintage Inspired Item.

Vintage pieces on your table add personality and appeal. Even with a modern tablescape, a vintage piece can up your game. Use as a centerpiece on a "resting" table, or as a compliment to the serving pieces for any meal. And... you'll never regret going all vintage! Here are some options to consider.

1. Antique Flatware and Silverware.

2. Vintage Beverage Jars.

3. Vintage or Vintage Inspired Candle Holders.

4. Colorful Vintage Jars.

5. Milk Glass.

6. Vintage Inspired Textiles.

7. Antique Teacups & Saucers.

8. Vintage Pitchers.

9. Vintage Inspired Clear Glass Jugs.

10. Antique Metal.

11. Vintage Glassware.

12. Vintage Dishes.

13. Vintage Everything. YES PLEASE!


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3rd photo

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