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Jewel Toned Accents.

6 Ideas To Inspire You To Add Jewel Tones To Your Tables.

There are many ways to include deep, rich color in your tablescape to make it feel special. Jewel tones in any combination add a luxe vibe to a gathering or event. I love Kaitlyn and Mitch's vintage, gold embellished glasses as a beautiful choice for thier guests.

Here are 5 more ideas to inspire you to add jewel toned accents to your tables.

Gorgeous florals.

These amethyst toned florals and accents become a stunning focal point when showcased by a dark rustic tablescape.

Candle holders.

If you love a simple DIY, try these easy, yet impressive metallic candle holders. Collect or buy (at a thrift store) some inexpensive candle holders. Paint in metallic jeweled toned colors. To see an easy tutorial from JoAnn click here.

Silk or velvet table cloth or runner.

As an anchor to your tables, start with an emerald or ruby red shade of silk or velvet fabric. Then layer in lots of deep varied color. For something more classic, top your tablecloth with dark neutrals or warm metallic accents and tableware .

Dinnerware or chargers.

Stack jewel toned dinnerware on top of a pretty charger, for a noteworthy setting.

Napkins and Flatware.

Garnet toned silverware and tourmaline napkins are a great combo. In fact, pairing and layering any mix of jewel tones is foolproof, as illustrated by the following table settings. So pretty!

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