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Jars... Clear Glass Jars.

I'm a clear glass jar saver. Not all jars, but close. I can't help myself. It's the way a sparkling clear glass jar reflects the light and gloriously displays whatever I happen to stuff into it at the moment.

Flowers, buttons, coins, art supplies, layered food concoctions, fruit, candy, gifts, jams, chutneys... the list goes on and includes just about anything that will fit. The charm that comes with being able to see into a jar expands the possibilities. I mean it's pretty much the job of a clear glass jar... to show off what's inside. 

Which makes it ideal for a dining table, cuisine table, dessert table, or for decorative accents at an event or gathering. It adds sparkle without color. It adds impact without detracting from all else.  And it's free!

Save any jars that have an interesting shape or size. Remove the labels, (use Goo Gone if necessary), and clean well.

Here are 12 visible examples of how perfectly versatile using clear glass jars can be for showcasing all your gorgeous treasures and magnificent foodstuffs!

12 Ideas For Using Jars On Your Table

Gorgeous Breakfast Trifle. A Tiny Strand of Lights.

Flowers. Plants.

Drinking Glasses. Candies.

Clotted Cream & Jam. Foraged Natural Elements.

Photo by LW @ The Table.

Candles. Straws.

Snacks. Berries.



(All photos via Wix Photos or Unsplash unless otherwise indicated).

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