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DIY Black & White Place Cards and Cuisine Labels.

Place Cards & Cuisine Labels are such an easy way to help guests maneuver effortlessly through a food table and then find their place at the dining table without the awkward "where do I sit" moment. These easy DIY Black & White Place Cards and Cuisine Labels are a great option. 

What you need:

1 Disposable mat to work on (I use salvaged cardboard)

1 Black piece of card stock (makes 4 Cards)

1 Stamp of choice

1 Small bottle of white acrylic paint

1 Black ink pad

1 Wide paint brush

1 White gel pen

1. Gather your supplies and lay out your disposable work surface.

2. Fold black card stock in half and then in quarters.

It will look like this.

3. Tear card stock in half, (Before tearing I bend it on the folds a couple of times to make the tearing easier).

4. Then into quarters.

5. Dispense a quarter size dollop of paint onto your disposable work mat.

6. Spread evenly and thinly.

7. Press stamp gently into paint.

8. Stamp onto a quarter size piece of your black card stock.

9. Let dry completely for a few minutes, before inking edges.

10. Ink the edges of your card to give it a finished look.

11. Write names onto your place cards,

12. (Optional) Write your menu on the back.