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Fresh Flowers On Your Table.

Fresh flowers, foraged natural elements, an interesting anything to put them in... rustic or elegant... one of the simplest, yet most impactful elements of a beautiful table! As the prelude to the meal, there is an expectation evoked by the esthetics of the table. A floral element can do much to set the mood of the meal and create an impressive table.

Imagine an arrangement of handpicked wild flowers adorning an old wood table or a gingham tablecloth. It sets the tone for a barbecue, picnic, or a casual outdoor gathering.

Lavender or other herbs in a rustic pot heighten the senses and look lovely on a dinner or tea table.

Think daisies for a playful feel.

...And roses for an air of romance and love.

A lush arrangement from the florist is always a "wow," and arouses anticipation for what comes next.

The pure beauty of fresh flowers cannot be overstated. They provide color, texture, and interest. They delight us with their fragrance and charm.

In addition to a floral centerpiece, consider adding accompanying floral accents to the table.

Be sure the floral elements are at the right height. They should not break the sight line between diners.

For more ideas see our Gallery Of Flowers curated from other talented Pinteresters.


(Photos Via Unsplash).

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