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A Simple Strip Of Fabric.

A simple length of fabric...

Solid... striped... checked... printed... textured or smooth... silky, gauzy, drippy, drapey... every imaginable color and texture. No need to fuss with hems. Just cut it, fray it, dip it, drape it, wrap it, or tie it.

There are thousands of fabrics available to appeal to your own unique esthetic. When building a tablescape, I tend to start in one of two ways. I either start with neutrals so I can add details and pops of color without the table getting too busy, or conversely, I start with color then add complimentary "finishes." Having said that, I also like to mix prints and bring lots of color on occassion.

No matter your preference, fabric is a very affordable way to bring your personal style to your gathering, and add interest to your table(s). Grab a few strips next time you visit your local fabric or craft store, and begin a collection of your faves. Keep a pretty stack of delicious textiles displayed in your kitchen or dining area.

1. Use Fabric as a Table Runner.

2. Or Try Lace.

3. Maybe Something Gauzy and Light.

4. Napkins.

5. And Napkin Ties.

6. Rough Cut Some Placemats From a Rustic Piece of Fabric.

7. Drape it Over a Chair Back. (It doesn't have to be wedding fancy)!

8. Use it to Add Color to your table.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


Photos via Unsplash, unless otherwise indicated.