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5 Ideas For A Beautiful Modern White-ish Table.

Think white is just for weddings and special occasions? Think again. Clean modern simplicity is always a win, whether it's the finished look that allows your food to shine, or a starting point for adding in other touches. Using white makes every other thing pop, and highlights the beauty of colorful foods. Start with a tablecloth and napkins that are impeccably clean and free from spots and stains. To keep it modern, choose dinnerware that has simple lines and edges.

Beyond that, here are 5 quick and easy ideas to help you set an enticing white table with a modern feel.

1. Use copper. It can bring a cool, industrial feel to your design. Try succulents in a copper pot, or a beautiful hammered copper bowl filled with fruit or pasta.

2. Try an "out of the ordinary" centerpiece to add interest and make your guest's dining experience memorable. In my book, a gorgeous floral arrangement is hard to beat. However, something unexpected and unusual always adds a bit of charm. A treasure you acquired while traveling, or a theme piece from current culture will break the ice and get your guests talking. A vintage or historical piece can also be perfect on a modern table, as long as you keep all else simple.

3. Adding a pop of color to a white table makes it feel thoughtful and fresh.

4. Use black silverware. To keep a casual vibe, incorporate earthy touches and simple cotton napkins.

5. Evoke a calm and inviting feel, by including monochromatic accents in a slightly different tone.

Which ever design you choose, having a soft white, or close-to-white table cloth, and a set of modern dinnerware on hand will always give you a great place to start on a gorgeous table!


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