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3 Ways To Add Fresh Fruit To The Table.

One of the easiest ways to bring visual impact to a table is to add fresh fruit. Here are 3 easy ways to include it.

One of the easiest ways to bring visual impact to a table is to add fresh fruit. We naturally think about fruit on the breakfast or brunch table, but here are 3 easy ways to include it on any table.

1. The Buffet Table - Fresh, plump fruit is a bright showstopper to your food table. Brilliant berries, mango, melons... whatever your preference, fruit brings visual impact. Serve it in a vintage bowl, a clean vase, or on a giant platter. You can aslo add it to your cheese board or charcuterie table. Not only is fresh fruit beautiful, but making it available is a nod to our health conscious culture, and honors those who may have dietary restrictions due to health issues  or personal beliefs.

Before displaying, make sure the fruit is absolutely the freshest you can get a hold of. Try your local farmers market or produce stand, if there is one near you. Be sure to clean and shine it, (if applicable).

2. The Dining Table - Add fruit to your dining table as decor. Display the fruit in a big bowl or basket in the center of your table, or strategically place some in and around a floral centerpiece to bring the feeling of abundance.

You may want to include individual servings of fruit for your guests to have before, during or after their meal. Tart berries or crisp apple slices can be a welcome relief to brighten up an otherwise rich meal. Place fruit in small jars or glasses and serve next to each dinner plate.

3. The Dessert Table - Incorporate fruit into your dessert table. It is just as yummy as the cake and candy, and brings balance to the sugary treats.



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