The Baker's Rack Beverage Station.

A beverage station separate from the traffic of the edibles is always a good plan. We created this Bakers Rack Beverage Station for my stepson's baby shower. I have often used this very portable bakers rack for smaller functions.

One of my favorite go-to's for a pretty and functional beverage station are the large vintage inspired decanters on the top shelf.

I've had mine for years, and don't remember where I purchased them, but there are many choices. Just make sure you purchase a Beverage Dispenser With A Stand. The dispenser stands are not pictured here, but I use them often depending on where I place the dispensers.

Fill the dispensers about 2/3rds with the beverage of choice the day before, and pop them in the fridge until your event. (Anything that can be done ahead is crucial to getting it all done the day of). When it's time for your event, pull the decanters out of the fridge, add ice, and they're ready to go. I use ice cubes made from the same beverage they will be chilling, in order to keep it from getting watered down. You can also add edible flowers, berries, or other fruits or herbs to your ice cubes to further enhance the flavor and esthetics.

Another helpful item is a large Ice Tub of some sort that fits on your bakers rack. It's one of the items I almost always use, and am very happy I invested in. It fits on this rack perfectly, and is a manageable size. It's important to have cool water perpetually available for your guests. At the time of this photo we had not yet added that to the ice tub, but we always make mini water bottles, or sometimes water filled mason jars available. If you can't find a decorative one, a galvanized tub from your local farm supply will work just as well. 

Because the shelves on this rack are glass, we lined them with drawer liner. We used clear disposable cups and pretty napkins. The beautiful pink peonies and accompanying flowers are fresh.


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All photos by Kaitlyn Wilkins @ The Table.