DIY Easy Pastry Stand.

This pretty little pastry stand took about 5 mins to make! A pastry stand elevates any table, and each one is unique. You choose the stem and plate according to your own preferences, and easily assemble it with a few simple items.


What you will need:

1 Candle stand/holder of your choice

1 Plate of your choice (any size your prefer)

1 Hot glue gun.

1 Square piece of aluminum foil (to set you glue gun on).

1 Piece newspaper or recycle cardboard (to use as a disposable work surface).

Some paper towel (to catch any glue drips or oozes).

Optional: 1 glass cloche (that fits the plate size you chose).


1. Lay out your newspaper, cardboard or other disposable work surface.

2. Plug in your glue gun and set on top of the aluminum foil.

3. Make sure your plate and candle holder are clean.

4. Mark the bottom of your plate where you want to glue your candle holder.

5. Put a good bead of glue all around the top end of the candle holder and quickly adhere to

the bottom of the plate where you marked. Hold for at least a minute.

6. Set aside for 24 hours. (Glue will dry rather quickly, but will not be cured for 24 hours).

To clean, hand wash gently.


Top with some enticing pastries, cookies, etc., and top with a cloche if you'd like. Or, perch a plant or flower pot on top and use in your table decor,

Photos by L. Wilkins @ The Table Today.