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A baby shower! A little girl! It was great fun to look forward to this celebration, (as if every celebratory event isn't anticipated with elation), but this one was really special... and right up my creative alley. Let the brainstorming, not to mention the Pinteresting, begin.

As always, I began by envisioning the space... the flow, the atmosphere, the decor, the food. The goal for this event was to have a beautiful, sophisticated baby shower... beautiful handmade invitations and decorations, beautiful fresh flowers, beautiful sophisticated food.  

I immediately enlisted the help of my sister, Annie, who is an accountant, but was a restauranteur, along with her chef husband, for 20+ years. I also asked my daughter Nic to help me. Her sensibilities and eye for the tasteful yet approachable, in both the esthetics and culinary, is unmatched.

The food was amazingly delicious and the feedback from guests phenomenal. 

For How-To's on building this table, from the structural elements to every last recipe, go to Bennett & Marissa's Table.

In addition to this charcuterie table, including the DIY Rotating Condiment Centerpiece pictured below, we did a lovely Beverage Station, and an Easy To Make Floral Backdrop for the fireplace mantle.

All Photos by Kaitlyn Wilkins @ The Table.


The Table.

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