It's a very attractive dining room! But there's no one sitting at the table.

  • Is this dining room table saved for special guests?
  • Is it covered in homework?
  • Is there no dinner inviting the family to come to the table?
  • Is Mom doing a frantic grocery shop on the way home from work?

There are so many reasons why the family may not be at this table, but there are three very important reasons why the family should be there:

  1. Happier kids;
  2. Healthier kids;
  3. Smarter kids. 

Did you know that children eating three or more meals a week together with their family produces these results?  Now do you agree with us when we say there should be a family at the table, eating, laughing, sharing.

The Table Today can free up 10-15 hours of your precious time a week in meal preparation, leaving you time to enjoy the important things. And when you come home at night, all you have to do is go to your fridge for a healthy, wholesome meal, already prepared according to your family's tastes, diets and budget? Contact us if you would like 10-15 hours of free time.