If you want to know more about what a Personal Chef can do for your family, hireachef.com  is a great resource for information on personal chefs.

If you are reading this and,

  • you are house-bound because of age or an illness, and finding it difficult to get fresh, custom-made meals and groceries to your home,

  • you are a busy couple or family with no time left to cook, 

  • one of you has a new diet that you are trying to work into the family meal plan,

  • you have a new baby and the chefs of the family are understandably preoccupied, or 

  • you are getting ready for, or recovering from a surgery or illness and taking time for yourself to recuperate,

then our personal chef may be the fabulous solution. Just say yes to 10-15 hours of free time to yourself, along with healthy, wholesome meals prepared in your own home, packaged for easy reheating, and a clean kitchen. 

And, you may not realize that a personal chef is not just for celebrities - it can be priced to work within your budget. 

Are you interested in finding out how this service can work for you? contact us now to learn more about how a personal chef can fit into your time restrictions, dietary needs, and your budget!