“Cerys recently organized a dinner meeting event at my home, which was sensational! As any good chef knows, organization, preparation and timely presentation are essential. Cerys understands this - her skills as a chef and kitchen manager are superb. Not only is she a fabulous cook, she’s totally committed to her clients’ success. She is dependable, super organized and totally sincere. I’m delighted to offer my comments here as a testament to her dedication and love of her craft. Would welcome calls from potential clients to further promote Cerys’ wonderful skills.”


Jane McCarthy, Toronto




"I want to introduce you to someone special, in your area. She is a Personal Chef who I recently hired. The food she makes is incredibly FLAVOURFUL and WHOLESOME, and she is reasonably priced.

In my case I have specified Organic, and she has taken on the formidable task of preparing food in consideration of my many dietary restrictions, including: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Sodium, and on, and on, . . . . . . . . "

J. Morris Mazzonna, Toronto