Okay, I love food and I like to  think I keep healthy, but I'm not exactly a health food guru, and I think I stay healthy because of the exercise, not the food. Everything in moderation. Except cheese and chips! However, a few things have come to light lately, that makes me feel there is a quantum shift at play. The FIRST- Natrel Organic 1% milk - it tastes like milk should - amazing. I'm definitely willing to "up" the milk budget for that one. SECOND, was an introduction to Donate Naturally, a website where you can order organics, have them delivered free of charge, and 15% gets donated to your charity or school of choice - "no brainer" on that one. THIRD, a trip to one of my favourite stores - Williams Sonoma - that's not the surprise. I picked up one of they're booklets  "A Shared Thanksgiving" and in it was a Quinoa and Red Rice with Cranberry stuffing mix. Now coming from Scotland, I didn't think there was any stuffing other than oatmeal (it's nutty flavor just blends so well with the bread sauce,  gravy and cranberry sauce - woohoo!). However, a fork in the road (ahem!). I loved the Quinoa and Red Rice stuffing. I jumped the gun on the $22 box it came in (included the Quinoa, the dried cranberries, and a spice packet). Oh, and BIG FOURTH one - I brined the turkey - ABSOLUTELY, the best turkey ever!! Will never do a turkey without brining. So I'm not ready to give up on my tried and true yet, but I was thankful this season for some new introductions. I hope you and yours enjoyed Thanksgiving!