Are you still in your home, but not feeling as if you're really living Start with a few small changes, such as your meal choices, and really feel your outlook start to improve.

Are you so busy enjoying your life, that you really don't have the time to cook? That's what we like to hear!

The Table Today's personal chef can prepare the meals you love - perhaps the comfort food you loved as a child, or add in a new cuisine you've wanted to try, but are concerned about your dietary preferences and restrictions. Leave that concern to us and keep enjoying your life!

Are you the son or daughter of an aging loved one and unable to find a meal service that will suit the flavour, texture and visual tastes of your parent(s), while meeting their specific nutritional needs? Try the personal chef at The Table Today.

If you are the spouse of an ailing senior and are no longer willing or able to plan and prepare the meals that you know your loved one will eat, given the complexity in marrying their changing taste, moods and dietary needs? Try The Table Today.

Would you like to have someone arrive at your home, with groceries, make tailored meals that meet the above criteria (taking into account their physical and cognitive abilities), and all the while giving your loved one some company and compassion for a few hours. That's right, try our personal chef.

We understand that being a senior, or being the adult child of an aging parent, can be a very emotionally challenging time for the family and very much so for your loved one.  We respect that and endeavour to work with the family and the loved one to ensure everyone has the upmost level of comfort with our service.

Call Cerys, our personal chef. She will be happy to chat with you and find the most comfortable solution for you.

Please note that we are not a substitute for a nurse or a trained personal support worker.