bringing families back to the table

... one meal at a time


Our logo is that circle on the left that looks like a pizza. But it's not a pizza, although most children see it as a pizza.  It was a stock logo, but to us, it represented that missing piece to getting your family to the table. Every family has unique challenges in getting meals to the table and there's no shortage of info and help out there.

Yet we started our company a few years ago, to offer simple, yet tailored solutions for each family. Although the challenges may seem complex, the solutions needed to be quick and simple - we didn't want to overhaul a kitchen or create yet another complex schedule or shopping regime. We simply wanted to get the family back to the table, and if need be, one meal at a time. And at every step of the process, we would respect that you are the hosts of your home. Only you have the vision for what you would like family and friends to experience while in your home.

There is no better challenge for us than having a family with three or four different diets or allergies and hectic schedules, and coming up with meal solutions that don't entail separate meals for all or a large monthly meal budget. But it was important to us that there be no gimmicks and no surprise hidden fees. We wanted people to simply call and chat and see if we could help them out (perhaps even by phone). We would work on a reasonable hourly fee for any additional services after the initial free consultation.

At the table today, we initially saw ourselves as facilitators between the goals of the family and those of the many services available to families to help them out. But clients, and potential clients, began asking if we actually did the cooking. Well, like a red cape to a bull, we began phase two of the table today. In addition to now offering personal chef services for families, we are now being asked to provide those services for seniors. There are many of us, who are now looking after our senior loved ones, and that comes with a unique set of challenges - diets, changing tastes, safety or physical limitations. We do offer solutions for those challenges also.

And we do partner with other companies, where it makes sense for the client, but only those companies that share the same values.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you are enjoying the gathering of family and friends at your dinner table, helping to ensure that connections flourish, and that you have a proud legacy you will pass on to future generations of your family. 

Here is a list of just some of the services we can provide to you:

  • Personal chef service for families and those with nutritional challenges
  • Education seminars for schools to offer parents and other groups on how to get the family to the table
  • Professional organizing of kitchen, pantry and dining area
  • Menu planning and grocery shopping (and yes we take into account many diets, lifestyles, schedules, stages of life)
  • Home-based event planning
  • Referrals to appropriate resources
  • Follow-up and continued support 

If you would like to make treasured time with your family and friends even better - or more often - please contact us. We would love to help.