An exciting development for The Table Today ... we have teamed up with Bretni and her team at Chaos Control Personal Assistants.  The Table Today has partnered with Chaos Control Personal Assistants to offer our clients a Home Management Service without having to shop. Bretni has years of experience in providing customized services for her clients. Her focus is on seniors, which could be in their home, or in a retirement home, assisted living - any situation that requires a varied array of services, such as home maintenance, shopping, grocery shopping, planning and preparing healthy meals. If your ever growing to-do list is becoming unmanageable, or you need assistance with an elderly parent contact Bretni at 647 522 2622.   At The Table Today, our focus is on customized services appropriate to our client's situation, and not having our client having to fit into our suite of services. Whatever your needs may be, we have it covered. Contact us today - we will take care of you, and your loved ones!


Food Revolution Day 2014 has come and gone and it was again very successful with over 1500 ambassadors in 115 countries, just getting kids to cook. It's been shown that by engaging children in shopping & preparing their meals significantly increases their chance for becoming healthy eaters in the future.

Did you and your family do anything to celebrate this global event? If you didn't, would you like to know more? Click here.

The Table Today is excited because this year we got to teach kids at the YOLO after school campers (30 of them) in East York, how to make Rainbow Salad Wraps. You can too. Here's the link to the recipe. Print it out, share it with your kids, your class at school, an after school club. Most importantly, just have fun!

You can also follow the Toronto Food Revolution Team on Facebook and Twitter @FoodRevToronto.

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It is so much fun being an Ambassador for the Food Revolution. As an ambassador volunteer, Cerys gives her spare time for free to further the mission of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. The Food Revolution has selected a number of volunteers from around the world who showed a deep commitment to real food and Cerys is again thrilled to be one of them. Next year Cerys hopes to further the goals of Food Rev in her neighbourhood.

Have you thought about hiring a Personal Chef to cook some of your family meals? Well, look no further - the table today, offers that service, along with our menu planning and grocery shopping. Want to know more about what a Personal Chef can do for your family, check out for info on personal chefs. If you're interested, contact us now to guarantee a spot.

The Table Today was happy to contribute to Amreen's blog, The Balancing Act, about eating together with your family. Would you like to connect with more Moms. This is a great weekend to start! Join up with Urban Moms. Just click on Register button and they'll get you set up. Easy, no cost to you, and even deals to be had.

In April, R.H. McGregor Elementary School, held a Health & Wellness Week for its primary students. Cerys from The Table Today was thrilled to present on nutrition and the importance of eating together as a family as one way to ensure happy, healthy, smart kids. We were also thrilled to find out that RHMcGregor students already know alot about eating healthy!

Cerys and her son took part in Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day event on May 19th. We went to The Cookbook Store to attend a "Pass It On" cooking lesson from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution book. Mardi, who runs a Les Petits Chef class for boys, teaches Macaron classes at Le Dolce and has her own blog eat, live, travel, write ran running the cooking class. Here is the write-up and pics from that date. click here.  As you will see, it was alot of fun ... and the food was delicious ... chicken tikka masala. Do you want to be part of the pass-it-on - contact us to get more details.

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