Farmer's markets are coming to your favourite locations very soon. That means fresh local food to your table. Here's a link to a list of farmers' markets in Ontario. Enjoy!

Hard to find time to visit those Farmers Markets. Try Fiesta Farms


Got a small kitchen? How about preparing some of your family meals  at  SupperWorks.          

All the cutting and preparing is done for you. You simply go and finish prep of the meals and then pop in your freezer. Your whole family can go and join in if you wish. And you can just these meals to supplement made-at-home meals - it's more affordable than you realize.

Or go with a group of friends for a fun evening. Check out  their website for more details on that. 

Are you in need of some nutritional counselling ...

Kerri Cooper, BSc, CNP, is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and the founder of Roots of Health Holistic Nutrition. Kerri works with her clients to correct deficiency causing states of dis-ease through the use of correct whole foods and natural supplementation. she also has a wonderful weekly meal delivery service.

To read more or to contact her, click here.

Or perhaps you would like 
ORGANICS and local food 
delivered to your home so you can prepare them as you like. Here are some of our favourites. 

Front Door Organics - this one's easy. Come home from work, and there's your choice of organic favourite veggies, along with a few new surprises.

Good Food Box - this one won't come to your door, unless you arrange to be a point of delivery for a few orders, but there's delivery points around Toronto - check it out.

And, you needn't think that organics are only fruit and veg! Try The Healthy Butcher for delivery - check out the postal codes for delivery area though. 

A stress free way for parents
to grocery shop ... it's 8 o'clock at night and you realize you need a few groceries for the next morning - Grocery Gateway will deliver that fast ... sign up now so it's easy to order at night for next morning delivery ... how great is that!


Grocery shopping under the best conditions is a time-consuming challenge, but doing it with kids in tow can be an overwhelming task! Maneuvering the cart and the kids through a crowded store... fighting for a parking spot... Sound familiar?


Well, there’s a smarter way to grocery shop that lets you maintain your sanity while giving you back some precious time.

With, you’ll discover a simpler way to grocery shop, at your convenience, without sacrificing quality.

With you can shop online, at your convenience, without sacrificing quality, and we’ll deliver your weekly groceries right to your door. It’s quite simply a smarter way to grocery shop.

These are just a few suggestions. If you find some other resources that you think our clients would like, contact us and let us know. We'd love to include them.