You believe there is nothing more nurturing for your family and friends than to invite them to your table for a meal.

Research tells us that children excel when they take part in regular family meals. Communities of families and good friends stay connected, and create a legacy for future generations. And you get this! But you also have a hectic work schedule, after school activities, alot of commitments, leaving you wondering when you will plan more of these FAMILY meals.

Don't wait for the right time ... get to your table today

Our company is dedicated to helping families and friends eat together more often,

  • By saving you up to 10 hours a week in meal planning, shopping, preparation and packaging.
  • We work with you to provide goal-focussed solutions that are simple, healthy and cost-effective and can be put into place immediately.
  • We offer you ongoing support to ensure that your family continues to enjoy the many benefits of connecting on a more regular basis.

Why you should hire us!

You know about all those services, books, articles, websites available to you. How do you decide what's right for you at this moment? We save you the time of reading through the literature and the hours on the computer after the kids have gone to bed, so you can spend the time with your loved ones. Set up a phone call and let's brainstorm a few ideas to get back on track.


How you can save money by hiring us.

If you're like most grocery shoppers, you are coming home with items you don't need. You're wasting money out of your budget. By planning menus, and having a standard grocery list, stocking your pantry and freezer for hectic times or surprise visits, we can organize what you need to buy and how to get it to your table, timely and economically, while keeping those favourite meals in the plan.

This is all done by your personal chef! In your home! 

And remember too, an organized kitchen means having only those kitchen gadgets and containers that you need. So, when you come across one of those beautiful kitchen shops, you'll know what you need to shop for, making it fun and economical too.

The money your family will save can be used for a special family meal, a family vacation, or to buy something on the family wish list.


Kids don't care what you know ... until they know that you care ... Just by spending your uninterrupted attention with them. The key is simple meals that allow face to face interaction with your kids - and spouse - on a regular basis. This allows you to gauge your child(ren) - see what's important to them, what changes, challenges they might be facing, and let them know you're listening. Help them with ideas for school projects. As the kids get older, you'll discover new interests, talents, crushes, stories ... that they want to share and gain approval and feedback ... a confidence builder. You can also anticipate more of the bombs dropped on you by your kids or spouse, just before bedtime or on the way out to work in the morning. We think you'll be happier, too!

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