"That's what The Table Today is all about - getting friends and family together to share their day, and share a meal of course.

Most of us embrace this ideal. And most of the time we accomplish that. Yet sometimes it's actually day-to-day life that prevents you from getting together with those you love."

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Is there a missing piece that prevents you from getting to the table today?

Are you house-bound because of age or an illness, and finding it hard to get fresh, custom meals and groceries?

Is your schedule beyond getting a meal prepared?

Is there nothing in the pantry or freezer for a last minute dinner?

Are you otherwise occupied with a new addition to the family?

Are you currently convalescing and committed to house rest?

Has a new allergy/sensitivity
entered the equation?

Every family is unique and that's why we prefer to tailor ideas just to your family. Often, it's just a few suggestions that get you back on track.

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