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Here's our news ... our personal chef can also help you out with your aging parents to ensure they get meals that meet their tastes, nutritional needs and abilities to handle their meals. Click here for more info.

What's that missing piece that prevents YOU from making this happen?

  • Is your schedule too hectic?
  • Is there nothing in the pantry or freezer for last minute dinners?
  • Are you busy with a new addition to the family?
  • Is the family cook convalescing?
  • Has a new dietary restriction entered the equation?

We all have the greatest intentions, we're on a tight budget, or just don't know where to start.

Invite Cerys, our family chef, to your home.

She can do a FREE assessment of what you need.

Kitchen and pantry organizing, menu planning, grocery shopping, or just arriving at your home to prepare wholesome, ready to heat-and-eat meals.  

Contact us to set up a date for your FREE consultation. Or check out our food-to-your-table page to help you out.

This week's recipe is from The Barefoot Contessa:

Rosemary White Bean Soup

You will think there's dairy in this soup too, but it's safe ... and WOW, it's delicious!


Click here for the recipe.


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